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Dunwoody Sewer Repair uses the latest technology to diagnose and correct the problem with minimal fuss. Using video drones our Dunwoody plumbers can locate and in most cases repair sewer blockages without trenching your yard. In the event that you need more extensive repairs, such as collapses, we offer a trenchless repair technology that encases your sewer line in a cocoon and repairs the problem. This liner can then be removed leaving the pipes in better condition than they started.

Emergency Sewer Repair

Not all problems are caused by root infiltration or little Timmy flushing the remote. Your Dunwoody sewer system is connected to the Dunwoody Municipal sewer system, and a problem at the processing plant can lead to sewage black ups. call us now to minimize these backups and determine if the fault lays with the sewer company or an internal problem. This knowledge will be invaluable in recovering damages, and my help you avoid future problems such as this.